Episode 70 – Fail to Plan is a Plan to Fail

This week Ray & Eric go over the GSC rumors and the results from last weekend’s two GTs. Then in the main discussion we discuss how the guys prepare for the larger events. Finally, the show concludes with the ITC top 10 and upcoming ITC events

Episode 69 – Emerging from the Shadows

This week Ray, Don, & Eric discuss the new GSC models shown off by GW, the new CSM model and yours and the cast’s New Year’s resolutions. Next they go over the results of last week’s tournaments, the new Crimson Fist rules from White Dwarf, then get into the main discussion regarding the ITC Missions for 2019. We round out the show with your ITC Top Ten and upcoming ITC events.

Episode 68 – Conductivity and Enclosed Spaces

This week Ray, Eric, and special guest Josh review three GT from last weekend, then give their reactions to the List submission deadline, conduct rules, and terrain rules for the LVO 2019. The shows wraps up with the ITC Top Ten and upcoming ITC events

Episode 65 – Bridging the Gap

This week Ray & Eric go over the latest FAQ from GW, breakdown this weeks tournaments this week including the Renegade GT. Then Sladjan joins the discussion on how to merge the competitive and non-competitive players into more joint events. And as always we review the ITC Top Ten and upcoming ITC events.

Episode 64 – All I want for Chapter Approved

This week Eric, Ray, and special guest Josh Jenne of the War Room Gladiators discuss the news of the week, the Blackstone Fortress, Da Boyz GT, Warzone Atlanta, and what we would like to see in the upcoming Chapter Approved 2018 release

Episode 63 – Punch Buggy Red Ones Go Faster

This week the slap happy trio review all the news from GW  grand reveal at Blood & Glory, plus some unconfirmed rumors. Then we get into a brief overview of the Ork Codex, run down the 5 ITC Events from the weekend, the ITC Top Ten, and upcoming ITC Events. Plus additional blooper material from behind the scenes recording

Episode 62 – SoCal Open 2018

This week Ray, Eric, and Mastodon welcome 2018 Broadside Bash winner Daniel Olivas to the show. The guys break down the new Ork previews, the new Necron superheavy, and the new models from the upcoming Blackstone Fortress game. Then there is wall to wall coverage of the SoCal event where Don & Daniel discuss their games as well as the other top players and surprise performances from the weekend.