Monthly Archives: January 2019

Episode 72 – Future Shock

This week Ray & Eric review the new Genestealer Cult rules including the new ambush rules, review four GT level events just before the end of the season. Then the guys go off the rails with an impromptu discussion about how 40k competitive scene stacks up against other tabletop game systems and how the competitive scene could change over the next few years. Finally we look at the ITC Top Ten the last week of the 2018 seasons events

Episode 69 – Emerging from the Shadows

This week Ray, Don, & Eric discuss the new GSC models shown off by GW, the new CSM model and yours and the cast’s New Year’s resolutions. Next they go over the results of last week’s tournaments, the new Crimson Fist rules from White Dwarf, then get into the main discussion regarding the ITC Missions for 2019. We round out the show with your ITC Top Ten and upcoming ITC events.